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Maroon Societies in the Americas

I can identify two moments in my life when I began to take an interest in Maroon communities. At age 13, I traveled for the first time on...


The Intercity from Valencia to Madrid moved noiselessly past uninterrupted, shiny green stretches of orange groves made...

Magic Realism in Cos Cob

Although Dale and I are both senior citizens, we rarely go to bed before 12:30 or 1:00 in the morning. Once under the covers, our usual...

Independencia para Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans often use song as imaginative acoustic newspapers: Raperos, Reggeatoneros, Bachateros, and Soneros routinely...

x ray of Venezuela

X-Ray of Venezuela July 1, 2020 Categories: Latin American Societies Venezuela’s authoritarian President Teniente Coronel Hugo ...

The Lebanese in Latin America

There is a parallax view of recent events in Lebanon—one from the Americas south of the Rio Grande—that adds another dimension to that...

The Irish in Latin America

Their last names are Irish, but they are not from Ireland, Boston, or New York. Their cultural heroes are not Michael Collins, James ...



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