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New World Palestinians in the Politics of Central America

Whoever the eventual winner is in Honduras’ currently contested presidential elections, there is a back story to this campaign that has nothing to do with the ideologies of either candidate. If, in fact, Salvador Nasralla Salum, is declared President, he will be the second Palestinian-Honduran to serve as that country’s highest elected official in the past 20 years; and the fourth Palestinian Central American to serve as President or Prime Minister during that same time frame(Antonio Saca El Salvador/Carlos Roberto Facusse Honduras/and two time Prime Minister of Belize, Said Musa). If one adds to this list, Presidents Carlos Menem(two time President of Argentina)Michel Temer(Brazil),Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala(Colombia), Jacobo Majluta(Dominican Republic),Abdala Bucaram and Jamil Mahuad(Ecuador), an observer would find that unlike the political discourse in the United States regarding Middle Eastern immigrants, the contributions of several generations of Middle Eastern immigrants to the politics and societies of the Spanish and Portuguese speaking Americas have been adaptive, positive, and transformative. They have become civilizers and modernizers in their New World home countries. Post Views: 21

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